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And breathe...

Updated: Mar 18

Breathing efficiently and effectively has numerous benefits - including reducing stress. It lowers the heart rate, oxygenates the brain and helps you stay present. If you’re feeling anxious because you’re about to jump onto an important call then I have more good news, breathing exercises like this also allow you to speak more credibly and confidently.

I designed this breathing exercise for busy professionals looking for a way to relax,

re-balance and re-focus regardless of where they are. I call it “The Container” because it starts with you visualising your torso as a container for your breath – it’s your fuel tank.

Breathing exercises for professionals
'The Container' is a breathing exercise that can help to reduce stress

To fill up your tank:

1. Put your hands, in a dome shape, just below your sternum, where your diaphragm is.

2. Release your belly and any other tension in your body.

3. Gently breathe in through your mouth - pushing and flattening your hands down towards your belly as you go.

4. Breathe out through your mouth raising your hands back up to the point just below your sternum. Then repeat for at least a minute.

Closing your eyes during this exercise will help you switch off from external distractions and focus your mind on your body and breath.

I hope this helps you, as it does me, feel calmer, more collected, and confident in tackling your day.

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