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1-2-1 Business Voice Coaching

Communicate with greater confidence, authority and presence.
Online voice coaching solutions to suit different needs and budgets

Whether you’re preparing an important interview, pitch, appraisal, meeting, conversation, project or presentation, or just want an objective opinion on how you come across and what you could work on, my 1-2-1 Business Voice Coaching solutions are designed to give you tailored advice and support. Whichever option you choose, I’ll give you coaching and tailored feedback to improve your mindset, body language, speech, and voice – and techniques you can use straightaway to maximise your impact.

Browse my five 1-2-1 Business Voice Coaching Solutions below to find your match. 
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The Sense Check - 15 minutes

What it is: my input and guidance in the form of a 15-minute video recorded by me especially for you (no live interaction)


Who it’s for: anyone.

What you’ll get: a quick, unbiased opinion; powerful tips and insights; and 3 handpicked resources.


How it works:     

  • Pay for your session using the Book Now link.

  • Email me a written summary or audio file of the challenge/questions you'd like my input to.

  • I'll send you, usually within 3-5 working days, a 15-minute video with my thoughts, answers to your questions and 3 suggested resources.

How can business voice coaching benefit me?

Clients typically see improvements in their ability to:

  • Handle stress and nerves

  • Establish credibility and executive presence

  • Communicate with confidence and clarity 

  • Make their mark on others


A confident voice begins with a confident mindset, so I’ll also suggest ideas for quietening the inner critic and overcoming fear, procrastination and perfectionism.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are your 1-2-1 voice coaching solutions for?

Any English-speaker who wants to feel, look and sound more confident, irrespective of gender, level, function, skillset, experience or ability. You must be able to speak English (because I only coach in English), but you don’t have to be English. Drawing on my wide international experience, I coach people around the world.

Are they available for my time zone?

Yes. I work across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, APAC and North America. Email for answers to specific time-zone questions.

Do I have to submit a video?

You don't have to, but if you can I'll get a much better idea of what you need to work on.

What about confidentiality?

It’s key. As an ICF-credential Professional Certified Coach (PCC), I abide by the ICF Code of Ethics, which includes managing personal data to the highest standards. I will automatically destroy video, notes and any other materials as soon as we finish working together unless you want me to keep them for reasons of your choosing, in which case I will need your written permission.

Are these sessions only for presentations and public speaking?

No. They go deeper, and you’ll be able to apply everything you learn to conversations with more than one person in any setting or situation.

Can I ask questions?

Always, but how many you ask and how many I can answer will depend on the 1-2-1 solution you have chosen.

Can I claim sessions as a business expense?

Yes. If applicable, you will get a VAT receipt.

What if I am unhappy with my session/s?

If you’ve made every effort to benefit from the coaching, but are genuinely disappointed, email within 5 days of completing your session/s and I will give you a full refund.

“Thank you for your support, Susan. I got so much out of our meetings.”  

Cameron Cartmell, Partner, EY Private Leader Assurance (speaking before he became a Partner)

“Susan is a brilliant coach. Grounded, authentic, perceptive and confident 
- she passes on those qualities to those she works with.” 

Simon Bevan, Executive Chair at Unifrutti Group and Head of Partner Matters at Grant Thornton UK LLP

“I knew Susan had business acumen in spades but was surprised that she was able to help me the way she did.” 

Celine Delacroix, Partner, Global Head of Energy Services and Equipment, Ernst & Young  (speaking before she became a Partner)

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