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For Students

As well as running my Make Your Mark with Susan Room® coaching programme for corporates, I also deliver it to students. Giving them access to coaching so young has proved life-changing for some, and helped them develop confidence, presence and communication skills that are highly valued by employers. 

100% virtual and open to those aged between 18 and 25 years, my Student Schools offer a safe space for young people to learn and explore ways to develop a resilient mindset, physical presence, effective communication skills and a strong, confident voice.

Make Your Mark Student Schools

Some organisations, like investment managers Baillie Gifford and Varde Partners, integrate a Make Your Mark  Student School into their internship programmes. Around half of my student Ambassadors have come through this route. 

The other Ambassadors have been recruited after attending one of four free-to-attend Student Schools I ran and personally funded during the pandemic. You can read about the 2021 Winter School here and learn directly from young participants why they found the programme so valuable. Students share their thinking; coach each other; and expanded their professional networks, making connections and friendships across the globe.

Why Student Schools are so special

“Confident, curious, determined, eager, empowered, excited, happy, inspired, intrigued, and motivated,” just a few words young people from universities and colleges across the world, are using to describe how they feel having participated in a Make Your Mark  Student School.

When young people embark on their careers it can be overwhelming - doing exams, not knowing what the workplace is like, getting into work. With the pandemic on top, this already tough time has become tougher still. Yet, within the academic arena, our leaders of the future are not given the essential ‘soft’ skills they need to transition and thrive in their personal and professional lives.

Given the time and investment it takes to become a professional coach, coaching is expensive. It’s usually the preserve of professionals - those leaping towards the top rung of the career ladder, rather than stretching to step onto it. 


Make Your Mark with Susan Room®  Student Schools are there to change this.

“What’s brilliant about this programme is that young people learn valuable workplace skills. I coach leaders and this programme gives students access to these same skills as they start their careers.”

- Denise Shillito, HR business leader and programme supporter.
Denise Shillito, HR Business Leader
Make Your Mark Ambassadors

Following each School, I invite a few young people to become Make Your Mark  Ambassadors. This is a relationship of reciprocity. Ambassadors receive, free of charge, a variety of benefits, including group and 1-2-1 coaching,  in exchange for their guidance, help and support to make future Schools a success. 

Click the button below to discover more about my amazing Ambassadors and their Make Your Mark  Student School experiences.


What students say

"Trying to get into professional work is quite daunting - young people need and will benefit from this helping hand."

– Flora Gillies, Edinburgh Napier University 2019 Graduate
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