Make Your Mark with Susan Room

Make Your Mark is my flagship learning and development programme.

It combines voice and executive coaching to help leaders and managers develop gravitas, business confidence, and executive presence, and has four pillars:

‘How you think’ explores the concept and origins of the inner critic, and offers practical ideas for taming and turning the inner critic into an inner coach


‘How you look’ considers the inner critic’s effect on body language, and shares tools for managing nerves, building executive presence, and making a (more) positive personal impact

‘What you say’ raises awareness of unhelpful speech habits, and suggests practical ideas for speaking confidently, clearly, and concisely

‘How you say it’ starts with listening skills – for how we listen informs how we respond – then reveals how the voice can be used to inspire, influence and captivate.

Make Your Mark develops gravitas, executive presence and business confidence

Unlike those who believe you're born with these qualities (or not), I believe that, through professional coaching, they are available to anyone. The first step is to raise awareness of verbal and non-verbal habits that negatively affect self-confidence, and others’ confidence in you. The next is to work with simple, practical tools and techniques to nudge yourself out of the unhelpful habits, and into new ones that serve you better.

Full 12 hour programme

Make Your Mark is available as a 12-hour programme comprising four 3-hour face-to-face modules typically delivered over four months. The maximum number of participants is 12. Cohorts can be women-only or mixed.


Line manager involvement before, during and after a Make Your Mark programme is strongly encouraged as it can significantly improve the programme's value and impact.


During the programme, I engage participants using a coaching style that encourages greater awareness, problem-solving and personal development. There is high challenge and support, and a real focus on helping individuals and groups to realise their personal and collective potential. Brief teaching inputs are combined with practical exercises, information sources, research references and handouts to stimulate learning, which is extended by working individually, in pairs and in groups.

3 hour workshops

Make Your Mark can also be delivered as a standalone three hour workshop. The format is high-level and fast-paced. Participants leave with lots of ideas and tools, but there is less time for practical work and group coaching. Content can also be customised to focus on specific issues, such as performance reviews, and specific audiences such as executive assistants or business development teams.    

90 minute taster session

HR and L&D professionals wanting a preview of the full programme can book a 90-minute taster session. The taster can also be run to help recruit participants to the full Make Your Mark programme.

Mark Your Mark clients


12 hour programme

The Financial Times: 60+ women will have completed the programme by the end of 2019.


Baillie Gifford: Over 100 people will have completed the 12-hour programme by February 2020.

Customized programme

A global asset management company: 24 men and women have completed a 6-hour bespoke programme.

3-hour workshops 


Accenture, Association of Foreign Banks, Australia New Zealand Bank, Boehringer Ingelheim, National Association of Women in Construction, PA Consulting, Willmott Dixon

Please contact me if you are interested in finding more about Make Your Mark, and how it can benefit your organisation.


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