To 'make your mark' is to do something that is meaningful and important. Something that has a lasting impact on the world. On you. On others.


Everyone is capable of making their mark. Yet many don't: perhaps because they lack confidence or find it hard to make their presence felt. Or perhaps because for some reason they feel unable to speak up; or don't like the sound of their voice when they do.

That's why I developed Make Your Mark with Susan Room®, a coaching model and toolkit that combines voice and executive coaching to give people the confidence, presence and communication skills to speak up and make their unique mark on the world.

For corporates

The Make Your Mark with Susan Room® coaching model lies at the heart of my corporate programmes, workshops and talks. Hundreds of individuals attend these events every year and their average feedback score is consistently over 95%.


HR, Learning and Development and Talent professionals have a choice of several virtual and face-to-face formats. Whichever they choose, we collaborate closely to maximise the impact of my work. Examples include aligning a Make Your Mark with Susan Room®  event to support specific business goals and initiatives; flexing content to meet the needs of bespoke audiences; and creating an online community to amplify and sustain post-event learning. Read the Financial Times and Baillie Gifford case studies on this site for more on this.

Make Your Mark with Susan Room® events cater for all industries, countries, levels and functions. They can be for women-only or mixed groups; become part of an ongoing corporate development programme; or be 'one offs' – perhaps to bring an industry event to life or to support people through personal or business change.  

For Students

Higher education students today face unprecedented demands and pressures.

63% experience stress which affects their day-to-day lives and 39% worry about finding a job after finishing their studies [YouGov].


In the last decade there’s been a fivefold increase in the number of students disclosing a mental health condition to their university [IPPR]. These trends are frightening and unsustainable.

Coaching helps students manage the challenges they face while studying and prepares them to apply for, obtain and maintain work. 

That’s why, following the successful delivery this July of an 8-hour Make Your Mark with Susan Room® coaching programme to a group of Baillie Gifford interns, I piloted an open Summer School.


What clients say

“Since taking part in Make Your Mark I've been able to challenge my inner critic rather than allow it to take hold..”

– Angela Geddes, head of regulatory developments, projects and advisory at Baillie Gifford

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