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Helping the Financial Times achieve its diversity and inclusion goals

Leading international newspaper, the Financial Times (FT), reports daily about business and economic current affairs. It considers diversity and inclusion (D&I) a vital part of its workplace, and understands that it requires more than just policies, headcount and box ticking.


Having fun is a key feature of Make Your Mark because it improves learning and memory.

Increasing impact


Susan started working with the FT in 2017 when she was asked to design and run some workshops to help managers increase their impact, assertiveness, and credibility.


Feedback was positive, and before long, the Learning and Talent teams were inviting her to deliver other events, notably a 12-hour version of her Make Your Mark programme.

Developing confidence, presence, and communication


In 2018, the business was especially focused on implementing a range of initiatives to support, retain, and develop female executives, which is why, for the first four years, Make Your Mark was for women-only cohorts. 

When the pandemic hit, Susan quickly developed an online version of Make Your Mark. By the end of 2022, 120 women had completed the programme, strengthening the FT’s talent pipeline in the process. Susan has also delivered Make Your Mark Workshops for editorial and non-editorial staff in the FT's New York office, and keynotes for FT Women UK.


As part of its commitment to creating a truly inclusive culture and ensuring its offerings remain relevant for its ever-increasing diverse audiences, in Autumn 2022, the FT opened Make Your Mark to employees of any gender.

Bespoke events and 1-2-1 coaching


Liaising closely with the FT’s global learning and talent teams, Susan has also designed and run workshops on topics including:


  • Working In Remote Teams

  • Managing Remote Teams

  • Boosting Your Virtual Impact

  • Communicating Inclusively

  • Storytelling and Presenting with Confidence


As well as working with groups, Susan coaches FT managers and executives 1-2-1.


Over the years, she has worked with hundreds of FT people in the UK, Europe, North America and Asia, on both the editorial and non-editorial side of the business.

In 2019, Susan contributed to Rivkah Brown's FT article on how to speak with authority, and, in 2020, she was interviewed by Amy Bell for a Special Report for FT Women in Business: 'How to be more confident in front of colleagues'.

“I’ve been thinking about that question you asked me all the time: ‘How do you want people to describe you when you’re not in the room?’ It’s such a provocative question, I’ve never thought about thinking that way and I’m now doing things differently as a result.”

An FT US editor speaking after a 1-2-1-coaching session

“Susan. I was thinking of you recently when forced into presenting at a 2-day hackathon in front of FT execs. All my team members pulled out so I had no choice! I drew on so many of your coaching tips we spoke about back in July and guess what, my proposal was awarded a runner-up prize! I don't think I would have even attended the hackathon prior to your coaching!”

An FT editor who attended Make Your Mark with Susan Room®

"I found my direct report became more focused on making progress in her career and in her personal growth. She’s aware of where she needs to grow.... and she’s up for the mission. She’s also acknowledging that she’s prioritising tactics over strategy."

An FT line manager speaking about one of his direct reports

Interactive and content-rich, my Make Your Mark with Susan Room® workshops and keynote offer a whistle-stop tour of mindset, body language, speech and voice, leaving participants with a powerful toolkit they can use straight away to feel, look and sound confident, especially when under pressure.
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