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Susan Room business voice coaching

Business Voice Coaching

Are you a talent development director looking to improve your people’s communication skills? Or a business professional wanting to become a more confident and effective communicator?

Yes? Then work with me to develop an authentic voice that will make you and your organisation stand out for all the right reasons.

"Business voice coaching develops people’s personal, professional and vocal potential, equipping them to communicate more effectively on- and off-line, in any setting.

It involves work on mindset, body language, speech and voice, and can be life-changing."

Susan Room

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I specialize in providing world-class business voice coaching services that help organisations, professionals, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders improve their confidence, executive presence and communication skills.


My voice training workshops, keynote1-2-1 packages and masterclass will help you cultivate a powerful and persuasive speaking style that makes your message stand out from the crowd. You’ll learn how to convey your unique personality in your own authentic voice. I also provide guidance on how to use body language effectively, deliver compelling presentations, and build strong relationships with colleagues, customers and other stakeholders.


My goal is to help clients become more confident communicators who can effectively convey their message especially under pressure. Whether you're looking to give better presentations at work, project your voice so you can be heard in large meetings, modulate your tone to convey empathy, exude authority at interview, or just want to express yourself more clearly in conversations, I can help you and your people achieve your goals.

The benefits of business voice coaching
For Individuals
  • Better verbal skills   

  • Increased confidence   

  • Greater self-awareness

  • Improved executive presence

  • More vocal variety and impact

For Teams
  • More visibility

  • Wider opportunities

  • Improved team spirit

  • Greater trust and rapport

  • Enhanced collaboration and creativity

For Organisations
  • Higher productivity

  • More diversity and inclusivity

  • Increased employee engagement

  • A more open, authentic workplace

  • Better individual and collective wellbeing

For more on business voice coaching, why it matters and its benefits, read my:

Quick Guide To Business Voice Coaching

The Make Your Mark with Susan Room® 
Coaching Model

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I will work with you on the four key pillars of communication: mindset, body language, speech and voice.


This is because how you think (mindset) affects how you look (body language), what you say (speech) and how you say it (voice).

How you think graphic

Mindset: the voice leaks information. Whatever you’re feeling be it tired, hungry, stressed, anxious, irritated or something else, people will hear those emotions in your voice. That’s why my work starts with ‘mind work’, notably turning down the negative voice in your head and dialling up the confident, authentic voice within.

How you look graphic

Body language​: posture and breathing habits affect your voice which is why improving them is an essential part of voice coaching. They also convey how you feel about yourself and others, as do your facial expressions and hand gestures. I can help you use all aspects of body language to communicate more effectively.

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Voice: your voice is a remarkable instrument. Together, we explore what it can do and how to use it to maximum effect. Whether we work on one vocal element - pitch, tone, intonation, volume, resonance, and speed – or several, our focus will depend on what you want to achieve. A common goal is helping women develop a strong, warm, assertive voice.

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Speech: speech coaching includes replacing unhelpful habits with helpful new ones; honing confident, concise language; learning and flexing different communication styles; crafting and rehearsing impactful conversations, presentations, pitches and speeches; improving articulation; and, if relevant, softening a non-native English accent.

Choose Your Journey

Make Your Mark group coaching icon
Make your Mark
Workshops and Keynote

Help your people look, feel and sound more confident and credible, not least when under pressure. Learn More

Business Voice masterclass icon
Business Voice Masterclass

How to manage and use your voice to succeed in business. An immersive

90-minute live masterclass, virtual or in person.

Learn more.

Vocal and Executive Presence workshop icon
Vocal and Executive Presence Workshop

Develop vocal and executive presence to increase influence and impact.

90-minute live workshop, virtual or in person. 

Learn more.

121 Coaching solutions icon
1-2-1 Coaching Solutions

Online coaching for self- funding individuals who want to communicate with greater confidence, authority and presence.

Learn more.

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