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Vocal and Executive Presence Workshop


Studies show that first impressions form in milliseconds, and that how you look, act and speak can affect careers, company performance and stock market outcomes.

Help your colleagues build vocal and executive presence to increase their influence and impact.

Do you work with, manage or lead individuals and teams who struggle to:

  • Walk into, read and own a room with warmth and authority?

  • Deliver bad news or have challenging conversations?

  • Foster a psychologically safe, inclusive and diverse team culture?

  • Speak up or motivate others who hesitate to voice their thoughts?

  • Build and maintain a strong personal brand that sets them apart?

If so, this 90 minute workshop will help them overcome these challenges.

Workshop Details

2024 dates now available. 

Immersive 90-minute live workshop. Virtual or in person.

For groups or teams.

Fee from £1,750.00 + VAT.

Fee includes a pre-engagement and post-engagement call plus reading suggestions to extend and embed learning.

Voice and executive presence workshop - key takeaways

In this immersive 90-minute session, delivered by me virtually or in person, participants will learn:

  • What vocal and executive presence are and why they are crucial for professional success.

  • A 3-step method to assess the impact of their voice and body language on others.

  • A way to align their voice with their personal brand.

  • How voice and body language can be adapted to different business settings.

  • Tips for using voice and body language to promote inclusivity, diversity, and psychological safety in the workplace.

They’ll leave with a powerful, practical toolkit they can implement straight away whether speaking on the phone, online or in person.

"Some presenters come with their message, deliver it and go. Not Susan. In her calm and graceful manner, she reads her audience and adapts her delivery accordingly."

Patricia Galloway, Chief People Officer, UK Infrastructure Bank and NED, Association of Foreign Banks

"Susan is just brilliant, I have learnt a lot within just one hour."

Jinlong Song, Head of Operations at JEE Sytems UK

"Thanks Susan. Absolutely loved your session - it was engaging, thought-provoking and prompted me to view the importance of voice and pitch in a different light."

Mangala Prasetia Wen,

National Australia Bank Data Steward, Beta Alpha Psi International Board member and Imperial Executive MBA student

What is vocal presence?

Vocal presence, at its core, is all about reflecting inner confidence and conviction through the human voice. It's about speaking in a way that causes others to listen, capturing and holding their attention and effortlessly guiding them to understand and connect with our message. A well-honed vocal presence can make a real difference to careers, negotiations, and relationships.

"Vocal presence is the ability to speak in a way that makes others want to listen." - Susan Room.

What is executive presence?

Executive presence is a combination of personal style, communication abilities and physical confidence that conveys authority and inspires others. It's lighter than gravitas, (a weighty Latin word with unhelpful male overtones), and more attainable than charisma.

Both types of presence are particularly important when it comes to getting stakeholders on board, shaping company culture, and smoothly handling uncertain situations with confidence and authority.

Neither are a birth right. Both can be learned.

Further reading: Vocal and Executive Presence: How It Can Help HR Leaders Improve Psychological Safety In The Workplace. (4 minute read)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is it for?

  • CEOs and Managing Directors wanting to inspire and lead with warmth and authority.

  • Sales directors and sales teams aiming to connect convincingly with clients and close deals with confidence.

  • Human resources professionals focused on on promoting diversity, inclusion and psychological safety within their organisations.

  • Project managers and team leaders wanting to enhance their ability to guide and motivate their teams effectively.

  • Marketing executives seeking to articulate brand value and engage audiences with greater impact.

  • Customer service managers striving to create memorable customer interactions.

  • Consultants and advisors needing to establish credibility and trust quickly with clients.

  • Public speakers and presenters looking to refine their delivery and captivate their audience.

Is it just for those who identify as women?

It’s up to you. It can be. Or it can be for other groups of your choosing, or open to all.

Is it just for developing presentation and public speaking skills?

No. Participants will be able to apply everything they learn to conversations with more than one person in any setting or situation.

Is it available for my time zone?

Yes. I work across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, APAC and North America. Contact me  for answers to specific time-zone questions.

Can participants ask questions?

I love to take questions! The amount of time we spend on them depends on your objectives for the session and the number of participants. We’ll discuss this during our pre-engagement call.

Do participants need previous experience?

No – just an open mind and willingness to learn.

Is recording permitted?

Not without my written permission. See section 2.9 of my Terms and Conditions for more.

Will this be death by Powerpoint?

No. You’ll be lucky to see more than five slides.

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