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Business Voice Masterclass

Susan Room online group business voice coaching session

Studies show that voice quality - meaning its richness, clarity and resonance - can significantly influence listeners' responses and perceptions of leadership capability.

Help your people explore their business voice with my interactive masterclass

Do you work with, manage or lead individuals and teams who struggle to:

  • Clearly express their ideas?

  • Successfully pitch for new business?

  • Lead others with credibility?

  • Secure funding from potential investors?

  • Communicate their vision to stakeholders?

  • Build strong professional relationships?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then my exclusive masterclass is perfect for your colleagues.

Masterclass Details

2024 dates now available.

Immersive 90-minute live masterclass. Virtual or in person.

For groups or teams.

Fee from £1,750.00 + VAT.

Fee includes a pre-engagement and post-engagement call plus reading suggestions, references and resources to extend and embed learning.

Business voice masterclass - key takeaways

In this immersive 90-minute live masterclass, delivered by me virtually or in person, participants will learn:


  • how the voice is produced, so they can consciously control and modulate it more effectively

  • the importance of being comfortable with the sound of their voice and strategies for achieving that comfort if it's lacking

  • tips for preventing vocal soreness and strain that can result in absence from work

  • why it's crucial to warm up the voice before important meetings, presentations or pitches, and how to do so effectively in just a few minutes

  • five key vocal elements - speed, pitch, intonation, loudness and tone - and how to use them to convey confidence, competence and credibility

They'll leave with a powerful, practical toolkit they can implement straight away whether speaking on the phone, online, or in person.

“Susan's Business Voice Masterclass was a fascinating practical session. I've taken away things to work on and am inspired to find out more.”

Emma Carroll, Managing Editor, Source

“Susan's masterclass was super helpful, full of great insights and the reassurance that with practice, practice, practice, one becomes better.”

Carolina Martinez Graffe, 

Agile Coach

“It was a brilliant session, a real eye's liberating to discover how much you can do with your voice and authentically.”

Philippe Rose, Business Development Manager,

Shell Singapore

What does finding your business voice mean?

Finding one's business voice is about much more than simply talking in a professional setting. It refers to how an individual uniquely and authentically blends speed, pitch, intonation, loudness and tone when communicating in a business context. Together, these elements constitute their business voice and determine its effectiveness in conveying their message, influencing others, and achieving their professional and organisational goals.

Why is finding your business voice important?

Research consistently underscores the importance of voice quality - meaning its richness, clarity and resonance - in business. Studies show that vocal characteristics can significantly influence listeners' responses and perceptions of leadership capability. Individuals with confident, expressive voices were often deemed more competent and influential. These findings illustrate how effective voice coaching can markedly enhance business outcomes, from securing investor funding to improving team leadership.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is it for?

  • Business leaders wanting to refine their communication skills and make a lasting impression.

  • Investment managers wanting to build strong relationships and trust with clients.

  • Team leaders wanting to inspire confidence and enthusiasm in their people.

  • Salespeople wanting to improve their pitching skills and close deals with confidence.

  • Marketing professionals wanting to hone their presentation and persuasion skills.

  • HR professionals wanting to establish themselves and their function as strategic players.

  • Engineers wanting to effectively communicate complex ideas and technical information.

  • Finance executives wanting to confidently present financial reports and data to stakeholders.

  • Business analysts wanting to deliver clear and concise presentations to clients.

  • Early years graduates needing to improve their soft skills.

Is it just for those who identify as women?

It’s up to you. It can be. Or it can be for other groups of your choosing, or open to all.

Is it only for developing presentation skills and public speaking?

No. Participants will be able to apply everything they learn to speaking one-on-one or one-to-many in any setting or situation.

Is it available in my time zone?

Yes. I work across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, APAC and North America. Contact me  for answers to specific time-zone questions.

Can participants ask questions?

I love to take questions! The amount of time we spend on them depends on your objectives for the session and the number of participants. We’ll discuss this during our pre-engagement call.

Do participants need previous experience?

No – just an open mind and willingness to learn.

Is recording permitted?

Not without my written permission. See section 2.9 of my Terms and Conditions for more.

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