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Saida Illy Wolff

Customer Success Manager,

Financial Times

Finding time to focus on your own personal growth whilst on maternity leave can be challenging.


But that’s exactly what Illy wanted to do. So, she asked Susan to challenge and support her to learn and apply some new skills for life and the workplace.

Saida Illy Wolff
Parental leave challenges


The abrupt shift in the daily routine, pressures of balancing new-born care with personal wellbeing, fear of career stagnation and job insecurity are just some of the many challenges people may experience whilst on parental leave. Investing in and nurturing themselves is rarely on their radar. But that's exactly what Illy chose to prioritise when she took time out to have a family.

An opportunity not a hiatus


Embracing parental leave as an opportunity for self-development rather than a hiatus, Illy reached out to Susan for some coaching. She wanted to apply the analytical skills she routinely uses in her role as a customer success manager at the world's leading business publication, the Financial Times, to better understand her own needs and build a healthier relationship with herself.


"The decision to focus on my growth feels like nurturing a seed that has begun to sprout, and working with Susan was a substantial part of that journey. She uses her vast experience and expertise in voice studies to empower professionals to communicate authentically and leave their unique mark. She's phenomenal!"

The four pillars of powerful communication


Susan helped Illy realise that mindset influences body language, speech, and voice, and that working on all four elements is the key to unlocking the true power of communication.

"Learning to effectively use body language to complement and enhance my spoken words was particularly enlightening', says Illy. ‘Susan introduced me to some simple, potent tools to dial down my inner critic's voice and dial up the voice of my inner coach. She then helped me understand the science of executive presence and gave me practical ways to convey it. I also learned strategies to make my speech more concise, authentic, and impactful, alongside mastering the art of using my voice to engage, persuade, and influence others more effectively".

Transformative return-to-work coaching


Making time for self-development during parental leave can broaden horizons and cultivate resilience, infusing fresh perspective and energy into the personal and professional of those returning to the workplace after a career break.

"Susan’s coaching helped me build skills which are professionally transformative, and also resonate in my personal life, equipping me to implement these insights beyond the office. I am eager to incorporate these new skills into my professional repertoire. The journey of personal and professional growth Susan sparked in me is something I am excited to continue."

Saida Illy Wolff

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