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wefox women make their mark

Founded in 2015 by Julian Teicke and Fabian Wesemann, the vision was to make insurance 10x better, with every decision focused on the safety of its customers. Today wefox is Europe’s #1 digital insurer. That's one incredible journey for the founders, the company and its employees.

Developing confidence, presence and communication skills for women in (insur)tech


As wefox is all too aware, hypergrowth is thrilling. It can also put enormous demands on individuals and teams. That's why wefox approached Susan to run her flagship Make Your Mark program for two cohorts of their female senior leaders (C-suite minus 1) and members of the wefox product team.


The full 12 hour programme plus a 90 minute kick off and wrap up session was delivered virtually, with participants dialling in from Germany, France and Switzerland.

Why the Make Your Mark with Susan Room® programme?

Susan was commissioned by Sam Love, then Chief Product Officer at wefox (now with Quantium) after she watched a bright, young colleague present to a broad audience of peers and departmental leaders. Sam was struck by her colleague's competence and grasp of the content. But at the same time became aware that a lack of confidence in the communication was compromising the message.

"Too often in the workplaces of today, a woman's voice is not heard as it should be, with the content of the message being offset by how and even who it is delivered by." 

After reaching out to Susan, Sam was confident that the Make Your Mark with Susan Room® programme was a good fit for wefox

Outcomes with impact


Over four sessions exploring mindset, body, speech and voice, Susan provided participants with valuable, practical tools to help them communicate with impact. 

Sam also recognised an additional benefit resulting from the program...

“Equally impactful was the connection built between colleagues. I was blown away by the openness, trust, vulnerability and strength that the women in the program shared. Thank you, Susan for so expertly 'holding the space'."

“Susan had a great feel for our group's needs, guiding us through many interesting and sometimes even difficult situations. She was able to initiate deep reflections due to asking the right questions at the right time. I took a lot from that programme and can only recommend it!”

Christin Glaeser-Seidel, Head of Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding, wefox

“Over four sessions Susan's coaching on mindset, body, speech and voice provided valuable tools to help us communicate with impact. Many of which I have already put to good use, including the 'Merkel triangle'!”

Sam Love, then Chief Product Officer wefox (now at Quantium).

"Susan's experience in the corporate world mixed with her empathy made me become a better person and a better leader. Her tips, advice & very complete content for her session are a source of inspiration."

Scarlet Wittkowsky, Global Operational Excellence Lead wefox (now at mutelabs)

Interactive and content-rich, my Make Your Mark with Susan Room® workshops and keynote explore mindset, body language, speech and voice, leaving participants with a powerful toolkit they can use straight away to feel, look and sound confident, especially when under pressure.
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