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The Business Voice Coach

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Susan Room, The Business Voice Coach

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Make your Mark
Workshops and Keynote

Help your people look, feel and sound more confident and credible, not least when under pressure. Learn More

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Business Voice Masterclass

How to manage and use your voice to succeed in business. An immersive

90-minute live masterclass, virtual or in person.

Learn more.

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Vocal and Executive Presence Workshop

Develop vocal and executive presence to increase influence and impact.

90-minute live workshop, virtual or in person. 

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1-2-1 Coaching Solutions

Online coaching for self- funding individuals who want to communicate with greater confidence, authority and presence.

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Susan Room The Business Voice Coach
Susan Room

The Business Voice Coach

A former C-suite executive and highly trained coach, I help busy professionals improve their confidence, executive presence and communication skills to succeed in the world of work.

I do this by coaching mindset, body language, speech and voice because how you think (mindset) affects how you look (body), what you say (speech) and how you say it (voice). 

My coaching solutions enable people to communicate confidently, effectively and persuasively, online and off-line, in any setting.


My mission is to help individuals and organisations worldwide speak openly, authentically and inclusively, improving personal happiness and well-being and organisational culture and performance.


Want to take your confidence, presence, verbal and vocal skills to the next level?

Then let's get started!

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“We had 70+ attendees and fantastic feedback after Susan's talk. We learnt how to manage your inner critic, exercises to cope with stress, and how to use your voice to make an impact.

Highly recommended!.”

Angelique Vu, Co-Chair and Founder of Financial Times Women UK

“Susan is a brilliant coach. Grounded, authentic, perceptive and confident - she passes on those qualities to those she works with.”

Simon Bevan, Executive Chair at Unifrutti, Group and Head of Partner Matters at Grant Thornton UK LLP

“I hired Susan to coach one of my direct reports. She is exceptional. Results were apparent soon after her engagement and her work has positively impacted our business.”

Ray Schneider, EY Global
Assurance Markets Leader

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