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A quick guide to voice coaching for business

Voice coaching is about helping people use their voice, speech and body to communicate more effectively. Broadly speaking, there are three types of voice coach:

  1. those who help actors embody characters and scripts 

  2. those who coach singers (often known as vocal coaches) and

  3. those, like me, who help groups and individuals communicate more effectively in life and at work (also known as voice trainers, speaking voice coaches or speech coaches).


Voice coaching is particularly powerful when combined with executive coaching. I am uniquely qualified to offer either and blend both.

Voice coaching for business

As a business voice coach I help busy professionals develop three interrelated aspects of communication:

1. Voice

​This involves exploring with clients what their voice is capable of and how to use it to maximum effect. Typically we'll work on one or more aspects of the 'vocal palette' (pitch, tone, intonation, inflection, volume and speed). Our focus will depend on what the individual wants to achieve. A common goal is helping women develop a strong, warm, assertive voice.

2. Speech 

​Speech work includes replacing unhelpful speech habits with positive new ones; honing confident, concise language; building and flexing different communication styles; crafting and rehearsing impactful conversations, presentations, pitches and speeches; improving articulation; and, if relevant, softening a non-native English speaker's accent.

3. Body language​

​This aspect of my work teaches clients how to manage and use their posture, breath, head, eye contact, facial expressions and hand gestures to communicate confidently and expressively. Body language hugely affects first impressions and plays a vital role in building trust, rapport and connection with others.

To be truly effective, the business voice coach must inspire confidence; make world-class actor voice training techniques accessible to time-poor professionals; and understand the workplace. My corporate experience and rigorous coach training allow me to do all three. 

Most of my 121 work is for corporate clients who hire me to coach their leaders and high potential executives virtually and/or in-person. Time-permitting, I also coach private clients but only by invitation or referral.


What clients say


“What impresses me about Susan is how authentic she is - she really cares. She has a way of bringing out the best in people.”


– Didem Un Ates, managing director, Data and AI Europe, Accenture, TechWomen100 Champion
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