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Four ways to catapult your confidence at work

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Later this month TEDWomen are putting on what looks set to be another fantastic speaker line up for their annual conference, which this year they’ve entitled ‘Fearless’.

What a great theme. It can be tough feeling fearless at the best of times but in this volatile economic climate, far from fearless, many are perhaps more fearful than ever about work and job security. And that’s problematic for individuals and their employers because self-confidence is a crucial contributor to a person’s performance and prospects.

So, as we enter a second round of lockdown and many workplaces revert to home working, I wanted to take this opportunity to share four top Make Your Mark tips for anyone feeling less confident than they might usually at work.

1. How you think. Focus on what you are doing right now.

Dwelling on what’s happened or might happen prevents you being your best in this moment. Rather than sabotage an entire meeting because something hasn’t gone as planned, park your analysis until afterwards. Staying present, listening, and engaged will enable you to add value in your remaining time.

2. How you look.

You may not feel fearless but there are tiny changes you can make to your body’s posture that will certainly help you look and feel more confident. Amy Cuddy is the absolute master of this. She shares some body language transformation hacks in her TED Talk ‘Your body language shapes who you are’.

3. What you say.

The critical thing is you speak up. You don’t have to dominate a conversation but strive to find a place you can add value and then make your point as concisely as you can. This is particularly important on larger conference calls, where you can be invisible (even on video calls) if you remain quiet.

4. How you say it.

Once you’ve seized the opportunity to speak, it’s not only what you say but how you say it that matters. A lower, slower vocal delivery can encourage your listener to be more reflective, while a faster pace and higher tone can create excitement. You want vocal variety and for your delivery to complement your message. My Speaking Secrets blog has more on this.

How you think, how you look, what you say and how you say it underpin my coaching model and are the basis for my Make Your Mark with Susan Room® group voice and executive coaching programme.

The programme has proven a hit with many organisations including Financial Times and Baillie Gifford.

There’s also still time to ` register for TEDWomen

which takes place

on 12th November.

Susan Room is a former corporate leader, turned coach. One of the rare few qualified to provide voice and executive coaching, her unique approach now sees her help others feel, look and sound confident – improving performance and happiness at work.

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