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Why young people are falling in love with coaching & the businesses that value it

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Coaching. It’s usually the preserve of those who have attained a high degree of professional success. But what happens when you offer coaching’s benefits to those yet to embark on their professional careers? As more than 100 students who have participated in one of my free-to-attend student schools will attest, the experience is transformative.

Here’s why young people are falling in love with coaching this Valentine’s and those businesses looking to attract the best young talent should consider investing in coaching programmes, like Make Your Mark…

Kirsty Mitchell - Make Your Mark Ambassador

“I was terrible for over-speaking others. I’d jump in because I was worried that I wouldn’t get a chance to say something. If I was doing a group project, I'd keep interrupting. Part of Susan’s voice coaching taught me about my speech habits - how to stay calm, not to speak too fast or interrupt people. That’s valuable learning - as is having the opportunity to address it before I get into a professional setting where it’s really going to matter.”

Kirsty Mitchell, Heriot-Watt University student

“What coaching gives you is time. Time to think things through. Time to think about those things that are so important but that we usually think much less about. I recently secured a training contract with Scotland’s 4th largest independent law firm, Thorntons LLP. The techniques I discovered through coaching, being able to calm myself, control my thoughts and focus, made a positive difference in my interview to secure that.”

Ross Faulds, Stirling University student

Emily Mason - Make Your Mark Ambassador

“Your inner critic is like the elephant in the room – nobody talks about it. Being coached while still at university unravelled lots of things for me. I recently secured a graduate role with NatWest Group. One of the things I love most about them is that they value coaching and offered me access to a Graduate Coach."

Emily Mason, Heriot-Watt University graduate

Emily Dow - Make Your Mark Ambassador

“Coaching helped me understand we should treat everything we have as a scarce resource. As a student of economics that really resonated with me. You know, treat your time as a scarce resource. Don’t overcommit because your time is precious. What I don’t understand is why we have a model that only gives people access to a coach and insights like this once they’ve succeeded - it makes no sense. Young people need these skills at the outset of their careers.”

Emily Dow, University of St Andrews student

Salman-ur Rehman - Make Your Mark Ambassador

“During my studies I worked part-time in the operations department at Sainsbury’s. At the end of one working day a colleague stopped to tell me they thought what I said during a meeting was powerful - that I’d managed to convey a lot of things. He told me he’d noticed I was using my hands when I spoke. I explained some of the things I’d learned while participating in Susan’s coaching programme about the power of hand gestures and how he too could learn to use body language to greater effect.”

Salman-ur Rehman, Heriot-Watt University graduate

Ally Hogg - Make Your Mark Ambassador

“When you give people a coach to improve themselves, that’s when you get the best out of them. I’m just about to finish my degree at a university I love, but my 12-week internship with the employer Baillie Gifford last summer, of which Susan’s coaching programme was a highlight, is the most influential thing I’ve done for my career. There are a lot of employers out there that could learn a lot from Baillie Gifford."

"They are developing their people, showing they care, by offering coaching. It’s a win/win. When you feel cared for, and you want to work somewhere, you’re going to keep pushing and working harder.” Ally Hogg, Stirling University Student

"I wish I’d had coaching’s learnings five years ago. I’d have got to this more confident place a wee bit quicker – taken advantage of opportunities much earlier."

Lauren Johnston, Heriot-Watt University Master’s graduate


Want the full stories of the transformative benefits of coaching to young people and their future employers? You can read more student stories here.

Want to help your organisation appeal to young people by offering an intern or graduate coaching programme, or by sponsoring a student school?

Then please do get in touch.

An International Coaching Federation (ICF) Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with a Master's degree in Voice Studies, Susan Room is one of the rare few qualified to provide voice and executive coaching. This unique blend helps others feel, look and sound confident – improving performance and happiness. Susan’s corporate clients include Baillie Gifford and Financial Times.

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