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Developing Executive Presence with global
HR Leaders 

Elliott Scott HR, an award-winning global HR recruitment specialist, aims to provide the best advice and services in the market. Their events include exclusive 'HR Delve' sessions, bringing Senior HR leaders together to explore key topics. Susan was invited to deliver an Executive Presence workshop as part of this series. 

Susan Room at Elliott Scotts HR Delve
Why Vocal and Executive Presence matters


'If your presence doesn't make an impact, your absence won't make a difference'. 

This quote from author Trey Smith was posted by one of the workshop attendees after the workshop. A single sentence that perfectly sums up the importance of executive presence and the impact it can have both professionally and personally.


Studies show that first impressions form in milliseconds, and that how you look, act and speak can affect careers, company performance and stock market outcomes.

Elliott Scott recognises that its important for HR Leaders to take time for their own personal development and to learn how to lead with confidence and resilience. Their HR Delve events allow their HRD community to explore a variety of topics through a series of keynotes delivered by experts in their field.


Susan was invited by Elliott Scott's Kirstin Hunt, Managing Director, EMEA to deliver a Vocal and Executive Presence workshop including practical tools, techniques and resources to enable the HR professionals to make their mark. 

"Susan has a unique ability to immediately engage, empathise, and create a safe space for discussion with her Executive Presence session, which she conducted for our HR leadership community. This resonated exceptionally well with our HR professionals, who often don't prioritise themselves. Susan's advice on challenging one's inner critic and embracing the inner coach struck a chord with all of us. She speaks so authentically that it becomes easy to digest and process our own authenticity through our voice, thereby elevating our executive presence. We look forward to more coaching sessions with Susan."


- Kirstin Hunt, Managing Director Elliott Scott EMEA

HR Leaders as communication role models

As a former C-Suite leader, Susan knows from her own boardroom experiences that success depends on being a confident, influential and authentic communicator.


As workshop participant and HR Director, Tracey Morgan pointed out...

"So often we focus on what we are going to say in meetings and presentations but spend little time considering how we are going to show up and convey those messages." 

HR Leaders who can think of themselves as communication role models, can set a positive example to those that they lead and shape corporate culture along the way.


During the session Susan introduced the group to her transformative four step framework, Make Your Mark with Susan Room® and the impact that mindset, body language, what we say and how we say it can all have on executive presence. This sparked some interesting conversations around personal growth, managing tension, challenging the inner critic and communicating authentically. 


Vocal presence, at its core, is all about reflecting inner confidence and conviction through the human voice. It's about speaking in a way that causes others to listen, capturing and holding their attention and effortlessly guiding them to understand and connect with our message. A well-honed vocal presence can make a real difference to careers, negotiations, and relationships.

“Vocal presence is the ability to speak in a way that makes others want to listen." Susan Room


Further reading: Vocal and Executive Presence: How It Can Help HR Leaders Improve Psychological Safety In The Workplace. (4 minute read)

"Susan is a truly engaged speaker and asks you to challenge your inner voice, the one that sometimes makes you doubt yourself."

Hazel Webb, Global Director of People | HR Director | Chief People Officer | Chief HR Officer | Senior HR Professional

"Such a great event listening to the inspiration that is Susan Room. So often we focus on what we are going to say in meetings and at presentations but spend little time considering how we are going to ‘show up’ and convey those messages."

Tracey Morgan - HR Director | Programme Manager | Transformation & Change | M&A | Employee Relations

"Susan ran the most wonderfully cathartic session today on Executive Presence. Carving out the time for personal and professional development is so important."

Interactive and content-rich, my Make Your Mark with Susan Room® workshops and keynote explore mindset, body language, speech and voice, leaving participants with a powerful toolkit they can use straight away to feel, look and sound confident, especially when under pressure.
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