Voice and executive coaching for business

Corporate voice coaching equips professionals to use their body, speech and voice to feel, look and sound more confident and present.

Executive coaching helps them develop a confident mindset, unlocking their gifts so they can reach their full personal and professional potential. 

Given that how we think (mindset) affects how we look (body language) what we say (speech) and how we say it (voice), there is a compelling case for combining voice and executive coaching - especially in the business world, where confidence is frequently tested and presence highly valued. 


Yet very few coaches are professionally qualified to do both.


That's where I come in. 


As an ICF PCC coach and Royal Central School of Speech and Drama Voice Studies graduate, I am uniquely qualified to offer both types of coaching. It’s a profound blend, which inspired me to develop a coaching model called Make Your Mark with Susan Room®. 

The Make Your Mark with Susan Room® coaching model


What clients say

“The best part about working with Susan is her understanding. You are trying to tackle a problem without understanding what that problem is. She’s able to frame that out. Together with her experience and knowledge, she’s able to help you understand the problem and coach you to solve it.”

– Sankar Hariharan, Global Assurance Markets, Ernst and Young

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