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Delivering an 8-hour Make Your Mark with Susan Room® coaching programme to a cohort of 12 Baillie Gifford summer school interns last July reminded me how much young people need ‘soft’ skills (like confidence, resilience, emotional intelligence and adaptability) to enjoy student life and thrive. And how these ‘soft’ skills, all of which are within the purview of coaching, also happen to be essential to employment. So, why is coaching rarely available to students in higher education? 

Student Ambassadors who are making their mark

Four of the Baillie Gifford interns I coached this summer are asking the same question. Meet Emily Mason, Beth Thom, Edward Sheasby and Khalis Ariff. Like me, they want other students to benefit from coaching. In fact, they feel so strongly about it that they’ve become Make Your Mark with Susan Room® Student Ambassadors. Together we’re developing some exciting new ideas. Watch this space. Meanwhile, do read my blog and their stories below.

Emily Mason


Emily is a fifth year chemical engineering student at Heriot-Watt University. Having completed my programme as part of her Baillie Gifford internship, the first thing she did was set up a ‘go fund me page’ so that three of her fellow female STEM students could attend the open Summer School.

“This type of learning could be revolutionary for women in STEM – this type of learning should be standard for women in STEM,” says Emily. 

Edward Sheasby


Edward is going into his fourth and final year at St Andrews University to achieve his geography degree. He is due to graduate in June 2021.

“These core soft skills and the practical tools Susan offers are totally non-existent on the university scene – in a shameful way because they are so important to employability. Universities need to rectify that. They need to help young people discover this aspect of themselves because it is as important as their technical skills. This is part of a person’s ability to make their mark,” says Edward reflecting on his experiences of my programme, which formed part of his Baillie Gifford internship. 

Beth Thom


Beth is going into her third year at Heriot-Watt University to achieve an undergrad MA in International Business Management. She is due to graduate in June 2022.

“I’ll often go into the university library and see students slumped there. They’ve been there all-night studying and drinking endless cups of coffee to stay awake. These young people just aren’t giving themselves a break but, unless they reach crisis point, there’s little focus on anything other than academics.” Read Beth’s full story here and why she’s now a Make Your Mark with Susan Room® advocate.

Khalis Ariff


Khalis Ariff is going into his third year at Edinburgh University to achieve his chemical engineering degree. He is due to graduate in June 2022.

“Mrs Susan’s sessions helped me to understand that to have a good team, you need good teammates and that you are a part of the team. You must enhance yourself to be a good teammate. Personal development is the most important thing and Mrs Susan’s coaching programme gives practical ways to help you with that.”

The Make Your Mark with Susan Room® coaching model and toolkit blend voice and executive coaching theory and practice to help people feel, look and sound confident, enhancing their presence, happiness and success in life and work. 

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If you are interested in finding out more about how to book a Make Your Mark with Susan Room® coaching programme for some of your students (or indeed your staff), please contact me.


What students say

"Thank you Susan! The Make Your Mark programme was very interesting, and I have gained a lot of knowledge on skills I can work on."

– Daud Ahmed Sarwar, Law Student, University of Stirling

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