For Corporates

My Make Your Mark with Susan Room® coaching programme gives busy professionals the opportunity to step away from the 'busyness' and learn practical tools and techniques to feel, look and sound more confident in their everyday work and in life. Interactive, practical and content-rich, it combines insights, exercises and evidence-based resources to boost participants' confidence and communication skills.

A 15-hour coaching programme​​​

Key features


  • 100% virtual

  • Max cohort size 12

  • A 90-minute kick-off session

  • 4 x 3-hour modules

  • A 90-minute closing session

  • All delivered live, by Zoom


It is particularly powerful when cohorts include a mix of junior, mid-level and senior executives. Equally, the programme can be offered to groups with common interests and challenges, for example: executive assistants, support staff, managers, project teams, functional teams and outplacement candidates. Cohorts can be women-only or mixed.

Financial Times and Baillie Gifford are strong advocates of the programme, which has formed an integral part of their learning and development curriculum since 2016. Over 400 employees have participated to date and their satisfaction score is consistently above 95%.

90-minute taster session

A Make Your Mark with Susan Room® taster session is ideal for line managers, HR, L&D and Talent Development professionals wanting to preview the full 15-hour programme (see above). It can also be run to gauge interest and recruit participants, and to inform and get buy-in from key stakeholders.

The Make Your Mark with Susan Room® coaching model and toolkit blend voice and executive coaching theory and practice to help people feel, look and sound confident, enhancing their presence, happiness and success in life and work. 


What clients say

Celeste Beresford May '21_crop.jpg

"I’ve only positive things to say about Susan. Not only how she runs the programme, but how she lives the values, and the wealth of knowledge she has... She’s a great role model and helped us so much."

–  Celeste Beresford, Head of Global Service Support, Baillie Gifford