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Helping those with a passion for making a difference

The world’s in huge trouble – we need to speak up and make change happen. “There’s never been a more critical time to step up, speak up and make change happen,” says Marie Broad Founder of the Making a Difference Women’s Network.
This informal network brings together like-minded women to support and empower each other to make a bigger impact in the world.


Marie Broad

About Making a Difference Women's Network

These professional women come from corporates, SMEs, the public and charity sectors, and consultancy backgrounds, but what unites them is their interest in the sustainability agenda and their passion to make a positive difference to the world.

Each time the network meets, participants explore a different theme and invite speakers to share insights they believe can aid their mission to make a positive difference to the world. Marie had worked with Susan many years ago and was keen for her to come along and deliver a Make Your Mark workshop to the group.

"I felt Susan’s session would be timely given the pandemic and all the challenges that we’re facing. The pandemic is one thing but there’s an endless list of issues the world is facing. Climate change, social inequality – the world is in huge trouble. We really need to step up, speak up and make change happen. But it’s tough when you want to make a difference - you are always under pressure. You never stop asking yourself: How do I get listened to, be present, and remain strong? I knew Susan would be able to help those in this group find their voice and lead change."

Marie Broad

Make Your Mark

“To ‘make your mark’ is to do something meaningful – something that has a lasting impact on, the world, on you, on others,” says Susan Room. 

“That’s exactly what those in the Making a Difference Women’s Network are striving to do and why I was excited to be invited to deliver my Make Your Mark workshop. But making your mark isn’t always easy and that’s why I developed this programme that blends voice and executive coaching." 

"What people love about it is that it’s brimming with practical tools and techniques that can be immediately implemented to help you speak up, get noticed, and make a unique mark on the world.”

Susan Room

More than 50 women attended the two-hour virtual workshop with the top three takeaways being how to interrogate your inner critic, releasing tension to improve vocal sound, and focusing on what you want your audience to feel when taking them on a journey.

"Such a positive, informative and inspiring session. Thank you, Susan Room, for sharing some of your fantastic tips on managing that inner critic."

Alison Ure, CSR professional, BAE systems

Making A Difference Women's Network


The event also raised more than £800 for Drive Forward Foundation, which helps young people who have experience of care, to move into lasting employment.


What participants say

“Thank you for a great engaging session, what a way to spend an afternoon. I love being part of this tribe. Practicing those breathing exercises Susan, really helpful advice.”

– Tanushree Srivastava, Corporate Partnerships Manager
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