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Client Stories

Coaching confidence with Linnaeus colleagues

We love our pets. As anyone who has welcomed a furry friend into their life knows, we also love veterinary teams – like those at Linnaeus, who help us keep them well.

Linnaeus is one of the UK’s largest veterinary groups, employing nearly 5,000 associates. When working in the profession, being amazing with animals is a given. However you must also be able to work capably and confidently with colleagues and other stakeholders.  


Linnaeus Veterinary Group

Creating a better world for pets

Determined to create a better world for pets, Linnaeus understands that delivering on its purpose starts with people. That’s why, as part of its commitment to excellence and the ongoing professional development of its people, Linnaeus associates are invited to mentor newly qualified veterinary nurses.

“Many mentors have no previous management experience yet must project confidence and instil it in their mentees. Our training can help in this respect as it offers practical skills and coaching to help people feel, look and sound more confident.”

Susan Room

Developing confidence, presence and impact

Be it delivering project ideas, giving clinical presentations or influencing the wider veterinary community, colleagues across Linnaeus  need to be aware of emotional responses. After attending a previous  workshop – and being impressed with the breadth of subjects covered –  Sam Thompson, a Veterinary Nursing Post Registration Programme Manager at Linnaeus, booked Susan to deliver a similar session.

The workshop’s benefits and how participants felt about it:

Interactive and full of practical insights, the workshop was tailored to meet the bespoke needs of the group with plenty of time built in for Q&A. Topics spanned difficult conversations, avoiding reacting on impulse, helping others manage their confidence and presenting technical content with authority. 

Here’s what participants said…

"I'm conscious of my voice and pitch. As painful as it will be, I’m going to take Susan’s suggestion to record myself and listen back. I also want to see how improving my body language can help. 5/5 for Susan and this workshop."

Alison Mann, Linnaeus

"You certainly made me feel safe and comfortable to do things that usually sit outside of my comfort zone. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from everyone participating, so thank you Susan."

Sophie Venables, Linnaeus

Founded in 2014, Linnaeus has grown to become one of the most highly-respected veterinary groups in the UK and Ireland offering specialist referral services as well as primary care across a family of practices.

The future of veterinary medicine is at the heart of everything they do and this is demonstrated through investment in teams, facilities, equipment and continual professional development of clinical and non-clinical Associates.


What participants say

"What stood out for me was taking techniques I use in my personal life and allowing them to cross into the workplace. This session was packed with lots of advice to take away."

– Cath Dean, Linnaeus
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