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Client Stories

Client Stories

Celine Delacroix - Ernst and Young

Céline Delacroix’s journey to becoming an equity partner at Ernst and Young (EY), one of the largest multinational professional services firms in the world, started when she joined EY in 2013. That intensified considerably when, two years ago, she became part of a small cohort on ‘partner track’ requiring her to rally senior partners around her business and personal case for promotion. In a client facing role across EMEIA, Céline was looking for a coach to help elevate her presentation skills to large audiences and her personal brand in the market.

“I was at a 30% Club event where Susan was presenting ‘how to use your voice and breath’. I was really impressed. I’d researched other executive coaches, but they didn’t have Susan’s speciality in voice coaching. 

The pair started working together shortly afterwards and they’ve been doing so now for more than two years. “We started on my public speaking skills. It was highly practical and immediately impactful: breathing and posture; how you walk onto a stage, sit and stand; how you clearly communicate your key messages and keep your audience hooked; how you handle questions and close out. It really made a big difference – Susan is an expert at this.” 

At the same time, Céline embarked on her equity partnership journey, a lengthy and highly competitive process that requires acing a two-day admission centre, with several role plays and two “Dragon’s Den” style presentations, including reviewing a detailed business case and convincingly demonstrating you are the best person to deliver it. 

“I wanted someone with a business background to coach me on this critical journey. I knew Susan had business acumen in spades but was surprised that she was able to help me the way she did.” Susan offered practical support, working with Céline on the delivery of her presentations but also their contents, to make each speech clear and punchy. 

Susan also helped Céline develop a “winning mindset” which resulted in her looking forward to presenting her role and business to senior colleagues rather than fearing the overall process. “When I walked into that room, I felt confident and in control. Susan hadn’t just prepared me for that admission centre, she has changed the way I act, think and present, making me more successful and impactful with my clients. I am so grateful for the time I’ve spent with Susan - obviously because I secured my promotion – but also because I’ve changed for the better. Being coached by Susan has been an amazing experience.” Céline Delacroix was admitted into EY equity partnership in July 2019 and is EY’s global oilfield services market leader.


"I’m so grateful for the time spent with Susan on my journey to equity partner.  Susan and I have been working together sporadically for a couple of years and I can see key junctures in my future where I know I will need her.  I’ve had coaches before, but it’s probably the breadth of her knowledge and experience that sets her apart - she’s smart, strategic and highly professional.  I’ve had an amazing experience with her."

— Céline Delacroix, Partner, Ernst and Young
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