121 coaching

I occasionally coach senior leaders with corporate clients running my Make Your Mark programme or via personal referral from former clients. Unfortunately, I no longer coach private clients.
121 coaching offers a safe, creative space for individuals to explore their thoughts, feelings and behaviours without fear or judgment.

Sometimes I work purely as a 121 executive coach; sometimes purely as a 121 voice coach. More often than not people seek me out for both types of coaching because looking and sounding confident (which is the aim of voice coaching) starts with feeling confident (which is a common aim of executive coaching). This blend of voice and executive coaching is at the very heart of my Make Your Mark with Susan Room® coaching programme.


121​ voice coaching 

My 121 voice coaching sessions help people communicate more effectively through body, speech and voice. They are designed to meet specific goals and needs so their number, length and frequency vary. 


Typical voice coaching goals include

  • managing the physical signs of stress and nerves 

  • enhancing credibility and executive presence

  • speaking more clearly, concisely, slowly, interestingly, audibly, approachably or assertively

  • learning different communication styles and how to flex them

  • bringing content to life using body language, speech and voice

  • speaking up, being heard and managing interruptions

  • preparing for speeches, pitches, presentations, performance reviews and partnership assessments 

  • softening a non-native English speaker's accent if it is making them hard to understand

A confident mindset is a pre-requisite for success. If the coachee lacks confidence, I will recommend a blended approach that combines voice and executive coaching.


If you are an HR, L&D or Talent professional looking for 121 coaching for your people contact me for more information.

121 executive coaching

121 executive coaching is about helping busy professionals improve their (work) lives, relationships and business performance. The number of hours and length and frequency of sessions depend on the coachee's goals, which often include: 

121 executive coaching is particularly powerful when combined with voice coaching.


Contact me for more information if you are an HR, L&D or Talent professional.


What clients say

Celine Delacroix _552x768px_edited.jpg

"Susan is extremely talented. After just a few sessions, I was able to speak clearly, confidently and assertively to large audiences."

– Celine Delacroix, Equity Partner, Ernst & Young